To Begin With

Vegetarian Starters

Baby Corn Pakora 
Fried in spicy batter, serves two

Sesame Panir 
Cooked with sesame seeds, cashew nuts, spring onions & green peppers 

Jeera Panir 
Cooked with cumin seeds & spices 

Quorn Tikka (Contains Eggs) 
Marinated in spice and cooked with onions & peppers 

Paneer Tikka 
Cream cheese marinated in spiced and cooked on charcoal 

Paneer Pakora 
Fried in spicy batter, serves two

Aubergine Fry 
Lightly battered cooked with onions, peppers and spices 

Aloo Fry 
Potato wedges cooked with onions, peppers and spices

Jeera Mushrooms
Mushroom cooked with cumin seeds & spices 

Chilli Corn
Sweet corn cooked with green chillies, lemon juice, tomatoes & cucumber 

Chana Chaat
Chick peas cooked with lemon juice, tomatoes & cucumber 

Aloo Chaat 
Potatoes cooked with lemon juice, tomatoes & cucumber 

Vegetable Cutlets 
Two pieces & served with salad 

Mogo Chips (Casava)

Chilli Mogo 
Cooked with green chillies, spring, onions and sour sauce

Vegetable Samosas 
Two pieces & served with salad

Jeera Aloo 
Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds & spices

Non-Veg Starters

Methi Fry Chicken 
Cooked with fenugreek leaves, sliced Garlic & mild speices(serves 2)

King Prawn Pakora 
Fried in spicy batter & served with hot chutney 

Butter King Prawns
Cooked with butter, garlic, green peppers & mild spices

Chicken Pakora
Fried in spicy batter & served with hot chutney 

Sesame Chicken
Cooked with sesame seed, cashew nuts, spring onions & green pepper 

Lamb Chops (4 pieces)
Succulent lamb chops marinated in spice and cooked on charcoal. 

Barbequed Chicken 
Boneless breast chicken pieces marinated in spices & cooked over charcoal 

Masala Fish 
Fish fillets marinated in spices & herbs. 

Chicken Wings 
Marinated in spices & cooked over charcoal

Achari Chicken 
Cooked with pickled spices

Chicken Chaat 
Cooked with tomatoes, cucumber, lemon & mild spices 

Chilli Prawns
Cooked with green chillies, tomatoes, Cucumber & lemon 

Meat Samosas (2 pieces)

Chicken Samosas (2 pieces)

Signature Dishes

Chilli Panir(v)

Chilli Chicken 

Chilli Baby Corn (v)

Chilli King Prawns 

Jeera Chicken 
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with cumin seeds & spices
(with choice of mild, medium, hot) 

Chicken Simba Kadai 
Cooked with chopped garlic. onions, green chillies & spices hot or medium

Chicken Curry Masala 
House special curry cooked very authentically with whole spices 

Chicken Curry on the Bone 
Authentic home cooking (known as staff curry). 

Lamb Chop Curry 
Authentic home cooking . 

Tandoori Specialties

Chicken Tikka 

Sheek Kebab 

Chicken Kebab 

Chicken Shaslik 

Tandoori Chicken half portion 

Tandoori chicken full portion 

Lamb Tikka 

Tandoori Mixed Grill 

Tandoori King Prawns 
Marinated in various spies cooked on charcoal with
green peppers, onions, & tomatoes 

Tandoori Roti 
Cooked in day oven 


Keema Nan 
Stuffed with mince meat 

Kabuli Nan 
Stuffed with ground almonds & cashew nuts (sweet)s 

Vegetable Nan 

Special Nan 
Stuffed with vegetables, coconut & nuts 

Garlic Nan 
Cooked with fresh chopped garlic 

Chilli Nan 

Tawa Paratha

Tawa Stuff 
Stuffed with vegetables

Kadai Dishes

Egg Kadai

Chicken Kadai 

Meat Kadai

Vegetable Kadai 

Chicken Tikka Kadai 

Lamb Tikka Kadai

King Prawn Kadai 

Mixed Kadai 
Mixture of tandoori dishes, serves two  


Prawn Bhuna 
Cooked with fresh tomatoes & green peppers

Prawn Curry 
Cooked with spices -Medium, Mild or Hot 

Prawn Kurma
Cooked with cream, ground almonds & cashew nut 

Prawn Madras (Hot) 

Prawn Vindaloo (Very Hot ) 

Prawn Saag 
Medium spiced with spinach 

King Prawn Curry 
Medium spiced in curry sauce 

King Prawn Masala 
Cooked in a special sauce with ground almonds 

King Prawn Bhuna 
Medium spiced cooked with green peppers & tomatoes 

King Prawn Kurma 
Cooked with ground almonds, cashew nuts -Mild curry 

Fish Curry 


Meat Methi
Medium cooked with garlic & fenugreek leaves 

Meat Kufta 
Spicy meat balls cooked in curry sauce 

Lamb Tikka Masala 
Lamb Tikka cooked on charcoal first then cooked in creamy sauce with
ground almonds & cashew nuts(medium spiced) 

Meat Curry 
Cooked in medium spices with sauce 

Meat Madras Hot 

Meat Vindaloo very hot 

Meat Kurma 
Mild & creamys 

Keema Matar 
Mince meat with peas 

Paiak Gosth 
Medium spiced cooked with spinach 

Rogan Gosth 
Medium spiced dish cooked with green peppers & tomatoes 

Meat Badam 
Mild & creamy cooked with cashew nuts & ground almonds 

Meat Dhansaak 
Hot lemony dish cooked with lentils 

Meat Kashmiri 
Sweet & mild dish cooked with fruit & cream 

Meat Mogali
With beaten egg 


Chicken Curry 
Medium spiced in curry sauce 

Chicken Badam 
Cooked in creamy sauce with cashew nuts 

Chicken Jaifrezi 
Cooked with green peppers. chillies & yogurt (hot) 

Chicken Bhuna 
Medium spiced dish with tomatoes & green peppers 

Chicken Masala 
Spicy dish (medium – hot) 

Chicken Madras (Hot) 

Chicken Vindaloo (Very hot) 

Palak Chicken 
Medium hot, cooked with spinach 

Chicken Do Piaza 
Cooked with fried onions 

Chicken Kashmiri 
Mild & sweet dish cooked in fruit & cream 

Chicken Dhansaak 
Hot dish cooked with lentils with touch of lemon juice 

Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka cooked on charcoal then cooked in creamy sauce with
ground almonds & cashew nut 

Chicken Mogali 
With beaten egg, mild 

Methi Chicken 
Medium spiced cooked with garlic & fengreek leaves 

Chicken Kurma 
Mild & creamy 

Chicken Tikka Bhuna 

Biryani & Rice

Egg Biryani 

Chicken Biryani 

Meat Biryani 

Prawn Biryani 

King Prawn Biryani 

Vegetable Biryani 

Quorn Biryani 

Peas Pilau Rice

Boiled Rice 

Pilau Rice 

Keema Pilau Rice 

Kashmiri Pilau Rice 
With Fruit, Nut & Sultanas 

Mushroom Pilau Rice 

Egg Fried Rice 

Coconut Rice


Panir Tikka Masala 

Vegetable Kofta 
Medium hot vegetable balls in sauce 

Mushroom Bhajee 
medium in curry sauce 

Aubergine Curry 

Aubergine Methi 

Chana Masala 
Whole thick peas in sauce cooked with medium spices 

Bombay Aloo 
potato curry in medium, mild or hot spices 

Saag Bhaji 
Medium spinach currys 

Tarka Dal 
Lentils Cocikea with garlic, ginger, onions & spices 

Mixed Vegetables
Curried vegetables in mild, medium or hot spices 

Aloo Gobi 
Medium spiced potatoes & cauliflower 

Saag Aloo 

Makai Masala 
Sweet corn off the cob cooked in medium sauce 

Matar Panir
Traditional Indian dish, cheese(panir) & peas cooked with Spices 

Egg Curry 
Hard boiled egg cooked with curvy sauce 

Vegetable Navratna 
Cooked with cream, ground almonds, cashew nuts & nutmeg 

Methi Paneer

Bhindi Bhajee (okra) 

Quorn Tikka Masala (V) (Contain eggs) 
Marinated in spices and cooked over charcoal. 

Quorn Keema Curry (Contain eggs) 
Mince Quorn cooked in spices. 

Quorn Tikka Kadai (Contain eggs) 

Quorn Tikka Bhuna (Contain eggs)